London (The Guardian)

Storymaking in London (at the Guardian)

Formerly a 19 century local paper, the Guardian is now an international multimedia giant producing some of the finest journalism in the world.I was very happy when they agreed to host a Storymaking workshop.

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As ever the conversation for the day started before the day itself.
Phone loaded with audio and picture apps ready for a Mobile Storymaking Workshop with @janematthews @Documentally #OU_MSWLauren Hutton
#ou_msw getting excited and looking forward to tomorrowBubbles White
Starting to use Storify. Make the web tell a story #ou_mswmichela nicchiotti
The actual day was another ‘hottest day of the year’.
Dressed for the beach but heading to London to deliver a workshop at the Guardian. #ou_mswDocumentally
Heading to a mobile storymaking workshop at The Guardian led by @Documentally and @janematthews – hope there’s air con. #ou_mswMatt Keil
“@Documentally: Dressed for the beach but heading to London to deliver a workshop at the Guardian. #ou_msw”speedos?Paul McCabe
@Paulmccabester Mankini.Documentally
I wasn’t wearing a mankini.
@MattKeil already in storymaking mode ahead of today’s @Documentally workshop @guardian… #ou_mswjanematthews
Jane had spotted that one of the days attendees @MattKeil was already blogging.
Mobile StorymakingI’m currently standing in the middle of Kings Cross station in London, nearly two hours early for a workshop at the Guardian on mobile st…
I mentally put him top of the class. Especially as some folk.. ahem @Jester, said they were going to be late.
On my way to learn to #Storify with #ou_msw. …Finally getting round to this…Caroline Holland
I popped into a great cafe on the ground floor of the Guardian..
A check-in at Green & FortuneCafé in London, UK
Just to get my caffeine levels back up to normal.
Ready and raring to go.. #ou_msw
If you ever find yourself in the Guardian’s offices they always have some kind of interesting exhibition to look at on the way in.
My favourite coming out story from @guardian s Singing the changes exhibit #ou_msw
There was a slight delay getting into the room. I didn’t mind at all as I got to meet the cause of the delay.. Russell Brand.
I would have taken a photo but mistakenly thought the automatic camera round my neck had.
@rustyrockets lovely to me you right now. ( I had the @autographer)Documentally
Everyone made themselves comfy and we got started.
#ou_msw @documentally explaining how to do his thing in guardian’s plush offices. How about that sofa?! McCabe
Once in we were well looked after with tea and coffee sofas and a multimedia display.
Ready for the workshop! #ou_msw (@ The Guardian – @guardiannews w/ 3 others) Keil
I talked alot. For hours.
The workshop at the Guardian is excellent, really inspiring stuff. #ou_mswMatt Keil
Luckily people seemed to like the content.
After a little while we headed out into the sun.
At the Guardian! #ou_msw Keil
@documentally interviewing @aslownewsday #ou_msw Swaby
While under a canal bridge in the shade we recorded audio and shot photos and video.
Storymaking WorkshopOn a storymaking walk with @Documentally – Using mobile media to tell a story. #ou_msw
#ou_msw us all trying out the tech ! Holland
@documentally Thanks for an eye opening afternoon. This was my imaginatively titled vine attempt #ou_mswLowri
Under a canal bridge sharing stories via @audioboo #ou_mswDocumentally
Christian interviews Jonross at the @documentally live blogging training @jonross_swaby Murray
If you forget to title your Audioboo’s it auto generates a title. In this case.. ‘Meetings are evilboo’
Meetings are evilbooAn Audioboo by mrjamesmurray
I might have forgot to mention to first timers that a free Audioboo account is limited to 3 minutes. 😉
Quick interview with Caroline Holland, a @ou_msw fellow travellerHow do you define an older person?
Walking back for lunch having done our first Vines, audioboos, bambusas and more #ou_msw Hutton
Soon it was time to head back and grab some food..
Anyone know what kind of peach this is? We’re stumped. #ou_msw Hutton
And crowdsource the identity of anything we didn’t recognise.
Peach identified, thanks RT @philosopher1978: That’s a donut peach, I think. #ou_mswLauren Hutton
There was more to hand than donut peaches. This was someone’s pudding.
.@documentally showing us how to use Storify to aggregate and curate content to build stories #ou_msw Hutton
I wrapped up the day talking about curation and answering questions.
I was a little daunted talking to such an advanced group but all seemed to go down well.
@Documentally great workshop today, lots of food for thought in terms of what storytelling opportunities we’re missing out on round here!Jonross Swaby
My only regret was not grabbing a back up camera when bumping into @RustyRockets..
I met Russell Brand today, aka @rustyrockets He must have some kind of @Autographer blocker on as i completely missed a shot of him. #ou_mswDocumentally
Or there is always the ‘sequence’ button on the side of the Autographer.
Thanks to all who attended the #OU_MSW workshop today. & thanks to the @guardian for hosting & the @OpenUniversity for sponsoring. Much fun.Documentally
Yes, Big thanks to both the Guardian and The Open University for making the day happen.

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