Storymaking in Manchester

Some moments from the 5th Storymaking walk in Manchester.

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For this the 5th Storymaking walk we set up at the legendary Cornerhouse.
CornerhouseCornerhouse is Manchester’s international centre for contemporary visual arts and independent film.
 Once again tickets went in no time at all. 
One place left of the Manchester Storymaking Walk tomorrow..… #ou_mswStorymaking Walk
Excited for todays multimedia storymaking walk 🙂 #ou_mswAlison Kennedy
It’s storymaking time! Hope everyone has fun on today’s #ou_msw with @Documentally. Go on…take us on a journey.Cornerhouse
My Storymaking workshop is in full swing. #ou_msw (at @CornerhouseMcr w/ 4 others)
#OU_MSW Building, & engaging an audience with digital stories by @Documentally Christian Payne @CornerHouse Caddick
First off as usual I gave a talk about creating content with mobile devices and storymaking in general.
Enjoying talk with @Documentally #ou_mswpodgy
And i shared some moments from my recent time in Syria.
Brigade LeaderDocumentally
Doing a bit of social media storytelling today with @Documentally #ou_mswMarisa Draper
After my talk we let people wander wherever they wanted. some went for a work and other visited the exhibition upstairs.
Anguish and enthusiasm #ou_msw
Storymaking in the gallery. #ou_msw
Walking the galleries with #ou_msw at cornerhouse @podgy @Documentally Adam
The best bit of the #ou_msw. – exploring this Cornerhouse
The art got explained.
Anguished at the CornerhouseTrying to get our heads around the first displays #ou_msw
More context here..
Anguish and Enthusiasm Intro Videomcrcornerhouse
Some headed out to document local building work. Important soon to be officially announced.
At first street #ou_msw Swain
At first street #ou_msw Kennedy
Urban Manchester ‘Story Making’ Workshop #OU_MSW @janematthews @Documentally @Leica Caddick
Jane grabbed a few words with a Big Issue seller.
Colin the big issue sellerAn Audioboo by janematthews
‘Story Making’ Workshop @ConerhouseMcr @OU_MSW @Documentally Caddick
More local information.
History in the bricksou_msw looking at manchester’s old industrial architecture #ou_msw
@CornerhouseMcr #OU_MSW @janematthews @Documentally @Leica – Great signage outside ! – Got to be story there Caddick
Loved @CornerhouseMCR amazing how much life an arts centre breathes into a place #ou_mswjanematthews
Participant Trine does a piece to camera.
The Manchester canalparkie56
And one highlight for me was catching up with an online friend I have conversed with for years but had never met in the flesh.. @Podgy
The reluctant Ninja aka @PodgyAn Audioboo by Documentally

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