Bletchley Park

Storymaking at Bletchley Park

For the 4th Multimedia Storymaking Walk we were lucky enough to have Bletchley Park as our host.

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Bletchley ParkDocumentally
For some background on Bletchley Park check out their website or follow them @BletchleyPark
On my way to #bpark for #ou_msw – hope it’s not snowed off!Susan Kennedy
Once again the weather threatened to cause chaos.
mmm, how many layers can I manage to get on and still move my arms?? Off to #bpark shortly for the #ou_msw!Paul Massey
But everyone still packed and made their way to Bletchley.
My kit collection for #ou_msw … or should dit just be the iphone? McAndrew
Some folk came a long way and I was so glad to see an old friend arrive.
What a lovely warm welcome from @documentally as I turn up a few mins late for his FREE multimedia storytelling workshop #ou_msw at #bparkDigital Maverick
Storymaking Workshop at Bletchley Park #ou_mswDocumentally
We have 15 participants and 15 fantastic stories covering everything from secret bloggers to Indiana jones #ou_mswjanematthews
With a full house and coffees in hand, we all introduced ourselves and shared stories.
With @documentally about to start telling & capturing the story #ou_msw at #bpark Cotton
Then I got straight into it for the next hour and a bit.
#ou_msw #bpark @documentally FAB workshop with Christian Payne, Jane Matthews & Paul Evans @ Bletchley Park, THANKS Dunn
Really great, motivational workshop starter from @Documentally before we start working on our stories #ou_msw #bparkDigital Maverick
After I had delivered a short talk Paul Evans had a couple of treats in store.
Guess what’s in this box #ou_msw #bpark Maverick
This is what is in that box #ou_msw #bpark Maverick
Storymaking at #bpark #ou_mswDocumentally
Bletchley ParkDocumentally
An Enigma close up on the #ou_msw at #bpark Jeffs
Bletchley ParkDocumentally
Brilliant. Great to get in close to enigma machine. #bpark #ou_mswSusan Kennedy
Wow. Being spoilt on the #ou_msw talk at the amazing #bpark – a real Enigma to get up close to! Jeffs
Getting up close and personal with the Enigma machine was very much appreciated by all.
Bletchley ParkDocumentally
On the #ou_msw at #bpark. An amazing machine with over 158,000,000,000 ways of being set up… Jeffs
So was the sneak peek into the actual Station X.
Woah – guess where I am? In what was one of the most secretive places in the world during WWII. #ou_msw #bpark Maverick
I’m in what was Station X – been lucky to see during #ou_msw it as it is not part of the usual #bpark tourDigital Maverick
Here is the lovely view that the Station X operator had #ou_msw #bpark Maverick
Treats continue at #bpark for #ou_msw This is station X – not open to the public! Jeffs
Some folk headed for home but a few of us really wanted to explore more.
Bletchley ParkDocumentally
This *FREE* multimedia storymaking workshop run by @Documentally at #bpark has been *fantastic* #ou_mswDigital Maverick
Bletchley ParkDocumentally
Photo on 2013-03-22 at 14:45.jpgAdaPeck
Bletchley ParkDocumentally
We even got a visit in to The National Museum of Computing to see Colossus in operation.
Colossus #tnmoc #ou_mswVine
The sound of ColossusAn Audioboo by Suken100
Pigeons of Bletchley ParkAn Audioboo by Suken100
Parachuting pigeons twittering down to @Documentally on the #ou_msw at #bpark Jeffs
£5 reward for shooting homing pigeons #ou_msw #tnmoc Weber
The Bombe at Bletchley ParkDocumentally
And then It was time for us all to go our separate ways.
A great day on #ou_msw with @Documentally at #bpark. Great to see so many new converts to @audioboo Cotton
Bletchley ParkDocumentally
Mark and Drew at Bletchley ParkDocumentally
Turing’s office at Bletchley ParkDocumentally
Just been into Station X at #bpark – privileged to see something the public don’t normally get to see!#ou_mswNadir Farrell
Big thanks to @MrPJEvans for sharing his knowledge of #bpark with the #ou_msw storymaking group today & of course to the @OpenUniversity.Documentally
Am *REALLY* grateful to @MrPJEvans for giving his time today to tell us so many interesting facts about #bpark during #ou_msw #topmanDigital Maverick
The photos still kept popping up in the feeds later in the evening.
Back home after an exciting day at #bpark #ou_msw – what an enigma! Annamraju
Bletchley Park is an incredible place i never tire of visiting..

Another pic from seeing the *REAL* Enigma machine at #bpark during #ou_msw Maverick
My #storify of the day – Bletchley Park secrets on show – #ou_msw #bparkPatrick McAndrew
There will be more Workshops/Walks around the UK. Keep an eye on to see where.
I’ll leave you with some images from Mark Cotton.
Content from Documentally’s 4th Multimedia Storymaking Walk.On the 22/03/2013 Documentally, in conjunction with The Open University, presented his 4th Multimedia Storymaking Walk at Bletchley Park….

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