Storymaking in Cardiff

For this, the sixth storymaking workshop, we found ourself visiting Sunny Wales.

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For some reason i had thought 04:30 to be a sensible time to get up.
Oops. Got up an hour earlier than I needed to.Documentally
At least I wasn’t the only one experiencing the dawn chorus.
And now heading on grown-up train to Cardiff for #openuniversity storymaking workshop with @Documentally #ou_mswjanematthews
A trip across one country and into another and it was a short walk to the venue.
Arrived for #ou_msw (@ Cardiff Central Railway Station (CDF) – @nationalrailenq w/ 4 others) [pic]:
Our hosts in Cardiff were @NTWTweets
@Documentally national theatre of Wales offices are in castle arcade off castle st, bang opposite castle entrance #ou_mswjanematthews
And this sign in the foyer of these offices explains why no one was able to find a building. #ou_msw
@horrocks_simon @documentally @StorymakingWalk ok to edit or not to edit #ou_msw Marenghi
The room soon filled to capacity and as ever there were refreshments to hand for those that needed them.
About to take part in #ou_msw Multimedia Storymaking Walk with @documentally at @NTWtweets office. Should be fun!Michelle Matheron
Today lots of our team are at a Multimedia storytelling workshop with @Documentally #ou_msw looking forward to it!The OU in Wales
what’s the story? By the time I’m finished with @Documentally, @janematthews and others, I might be able to tell you #ou_mswSimon Horrocks
After about an hour of slides and talking it was time to head out and enjoy the sunshine.
Wrapping up the talkie bit of today’s @StoryMakingWalk in Cardiff at @NTWTweets Heading out into the sun. #ou_mswDocumentally
In story telling workshop in Cardiff, a little less sceptical now! #ou_mswKaren Bridge
#ou_msw here goes digital storytelling walk today – where will it take me?Tracey Marenghi
Just heading out on a storymaking walk and looking forward to using this technology one day with law students @uniofleicester #ou_mswDawn Watkins
Some folks took this as an opportunity to re-invent themselves.
This is my new avatar 🙂 #ou_mswSophie Davis-Pogson
Great introduction to multimedia storytelling from @documentally loads to take in but look forward to trying out some of the tips! #ou_mswMichelle Matheron
#ou_msw @Documentally interviews @NTWtweets artist in residence @kylelegall Matheron
As we left the building I chatted with Artist in residence @Kylelegall
@Documentally interviewing @kylelegall #ou_msw Horrocks
And with phones in hand others captured other angles.
Resident Artist at @NTWTweets is @KyleLegallAn Audioboo by Documentally
My first go with Vine. My storytelling walk which has been really great fun #ou_msw Matheron
As we walked we snapped. For some this was the first time for sharing images with twitter.
All good stories need a dragon. A cake one is a good place to start #ou_mswMichelle Matheron
And any self respecting fairy tale dragon needs a castle to live in #ou_msw Matheron
I answered questions and gave tips as we walked.
Gate crashed #ou_msw @Documentally leading a guided tour into storytelling around and about Cardiff N Gardener
And all the while we soaked up the warmth of the great weather.
This is Wales on a sunny day. #ou_mswChristian (@Documentally)
Some folks were certainly inspired.
A digital storyteller at work #ou_msw Horrocks
Uh oh it’s lunchtime, our dragon will be getting hungry. Look out! #ou_msw Matheron
#ou_msw walking around cardiff castle and tripping over things at the moment in Wales
I think we’re safe. These should keep a Welsh dragon happy until dinner time #theend #ou_mswMichelle Matheron
Issue with super useful apps for storytelling – even when you’re just playing – they EAT battery! My story is about to end! 🙁 #ou_mswOlaug N Gardener
Watch out #ou_msw storytellers the dragon is ready for some lunch!Michelle Matheron
People shared Photos, text, check-ins, audio and video clips.
Learning to tell stories with the OUA215 OU’s course on creative writing sounds a great place to start writing #ou_msw
But soon enough after a walk to the castle, down by the river and back to the office, it was time to part company.
@janematthews great meeting you at #ou_msw today. Wish I’d been there from the start! Do flick me an email & I’m send u that case study :)Olaug N Gardener
Fab talk by @Documentally in Cardiff this morning #ou_msw – thanks to @Joel_Hughes for heads upPhilippa Davies
@Documentally was really enjoyable and useful – cheers! #ou_mswSimon Horrocks
Thanks to @Katherine_Ann & @NTWtweets for hosting us today. Much appreciated. #ou_mswDocumentally
Reflecting on today’s Multimedia Storymaking Walk in Cardiff. A really enjoyably day. #ou_msw

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