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London (The Guardian)

Storymaking in London (at the Guardian)

Formerly a 19 century local paper, the Guardian is now an international multimedia giant producing some of the finest journalism in the world.I was very happy when they agreed to host a Storymaking workshop.

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As ever the conversation for the day started before the day itself.
Phone loaded with audio and picture apps ready for a Mobile Storymaking Workshop with @janematthews @Documentally #OU_MSWLauren Hutton
#ou_msw getting excited and looking forward to tomorrowBubbles White
Starting to use Storify. Make the web tell a story #ou_mswmichela nicchiotti
The actual day was another ‘hottest day of the year’.
Dressed for the beach but heading to London to deliver a workshop at the Guardian. #ou_mswDocumentally
Heading to a mobile storymaking workshop at The Guardian led by @Documentally and @janematthews – hope there’s air con. #ou_mswMatt Keil
“@Documentally: Dressed for the beach but heading to London to deliver a workshop at the Guardian. #ou_msw”speedos?Paul McCabe
@Paulmccabester Mankini.Documentally
I wasn’t wearing a mankini.
@MattKeil already in storymaking mode ahead of today’s @Documentally workshop @guardian… #ou_mswjanematthews
Jane had spotted that one of the days attendees @MattKeil was already blogging.
Mobile StorymakingI’m currently standing in the middle of Kings Cross station in London, nearly two hours early for a workshop at the Guardian on mobile st…
I mentally put him top of the class. Especially as some folk.. ahem @Jester, said they were going to be late.
On my way to learn to #Storify with #ou_msw. …Finally getting round to this…Caroline Holland
I popped into a great cafe on the ground floor of the Guardian..
A check-in at Green & FortuneCafé in London, UK
Just to get my caffeine levels back up to normal.
Ready and raring to go.. #ou_msw
If you ever find yourself in the Guardian’s offices they always have some kind of interesting exhibition to look at on the way in.
My favourite coming out story from @guardian s Singing the changes exhibit #ou_msw
There was a slight delay getting into the room. I didn’t mind at all as I got to meet the cause of the delay.. Russell Brand.
I would have taken a photo but mistakenly thought the automatic camera round my neck had.
@rustyrockets lovely to me you right now. ( I had the @autographer)Documentally
Everyone made themselves comfy and we got started.
#ou_msw @documentally explaining how to do his thing in guardian’s plush offices. How about that sofa?! McCabe
Once in we were well looked after with tea and coffee sofas and a multimedia display.
Ready for the workshop! #ou_msw (@ The Guardian – @guardiannews w/ 3 others) Keil
I talked alot. For hours.
The workshop at the Guardian is excellent, really inspiring stuff. #ou_mswMatt Keil
Luckily people seemed to like the content.
After a little while we headed out into the sun.
At the Guardian! #ou_msw Keil
@documentally interviewing @aslownewsday #ou_msw Swaby
While under a canal bridge in the shade we recorded audio and shot photos and video.
Storymaking WorkshopOn a storymaking walk with @Documentally – Using mobile media to tell a story. #ou_msw
#ou_msw us all trying out the tech ! Holland
@documentally Thanks for an eye opening afternoon. This was my imaginatively titled vine attempt #ou_mswLowri
Under a canal bridge sharing stories via @audioboo #ou_mswDocumentally
Christian interviews Jonross at the @documentally live blogging training @jonross_swaby Murray
If you forget to title your Audioboo’s it auto generates a title. In this case.. ‘Meetings are evilboo’
Meetings are evilbooAn Audioboo by mrjamesmurray
I might have forgot to mention to first timers that a free Audioboo account is limited to 3 minutes. 😉
Quick interview with Caroline Holland, a @ou_msw fellow travellerHow do you define an older person?
Walking back for lunch having done our first Vines, audioboos, bambusas and more #ou_msw Hutton
Soon it was time to head back and grab some food..
Anyone know what kind of peach this is? We’re stumped. #ou_msw Hutton
And crowdsource the identity of anything we didn’t recognise.
Peach identified, thanks RT @philosopher1978: That’s a donut peach, I think. #ou_mswLauren Hutton
There was more to hand than donut peaches. This was someone’s pudding.
.@documentally showing us how to use Storify to aggregate and curate content to build stories #ou_msw Hutton
I wrapped up the day talking about curation and answering questions.
I was a little daunted talking to such an advanced group but all seemed to go down well.
@Documentally great workshop today, lots of food for thought in terms of what storytelling opportunities we’re missing out on round here!Jonross Swaby
My only regret was not grabbing a back up camera when bumping into @RustyRockets..
I met Russell Brand today, aka @rustyrockets He must have some kind of @Autographer blocker on as i completely missed a shot of him. #ou_mswDocumentally
Or there is always the ‘sequence’ button on the side of the Autographer.
Thanks to all who attended the #OU_MSW workshop today. & thanks to the @guardian for hosting & the @OpenUniversity for sponsoring. Much fun.Documentally
Yes, Big thanks to both the Guardian and The Open University for making the day happen.


Storymaking in Cardiff

For this, the sixth storymaking workshop, we found ourself visiting Sunny Wales.

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For some reason i had thought 04:30 to be a sensible time to get up.
Oops. Got up an hour earlier than I needed to.Documentally
At least I wasn’t the only one experiencing the dawn chorus.
And now heading on grown-up train to Cardiff for #openuniversity storymaking workshop with @Documentally #ou_mswjanematthews
A trip across one country and into another and it was a short walk to the venue.
Arrived for #ou_msw (@ Cardiff Central Railway Station (CDF) – @nationalrailenq w/ 4 others) [pic]:
Our hosts in Cardiff were @NTWTweets
@Documentally national theatre of Wales offices are in castle arcade off castle st, bang opposite castle entrance #ou_mswjanematthews
And this sign in the foyer of these offices explains why no one was able to find a building. #ou_msw
@horrocks_simon @documentally @StorymakingWalk ok to edit or not to edit #ou_msw Marenghi
The room soon filled to capacity and as ever there were refreshments to hand for those that needed them.
About to take part in #ou_msw Multimedia Storymaking Walk with @documentally at @NTWtweets office. Should be fun!Michelle Matheron
Today lots of our team are at a Multimedia storytelling workshop with @Documentally #ou_msw looking forward to it!The OU in Wales
what’s the story? By the time I’m finished with @Documentally, @janematthews and others, I might be able to tell you #ou_mswSimon Horrocks
After about an hour of slides and talking it was time to head out and enjoy the sunshine.
Wrapping up the talkie bit of today’s @StoryMakingWalk in Cardiff at @NTWTweets Heading out into the sun. #ou_mswDocumentally
In story telling workshop in Cardiff, a little less sceptical now! #ou_mswKaren Bridge
#ou_msw here goes digital storytelling walk today – where will it take me?Tracey Marenghi
Just heading out on a storymaking walk and looking forward to using this technology one day with law students @uniofleicester #ou_mswDawn Watkins
Some folks took this as an opportunity to re-invent themselves.
This is my new avatar 🙂 #ou_mswSophie Davis-Pogson
Great introduction to multimedia storytelling from @documentally loads to take in but look forward to trying out some of the tips! #ou_mswMichelle Matheron
#ou_msw @Documentally interviews @NTWtweets artist in residence @kylelegall Matheron
As we left the building I chatted with Artist in residence @Kylelegall
@Documentally interviewing @kylelegall #ou_msw Horrocks
And with phones in hand others captured other angles.
Resident Artist at @NTWTweets is @KyleLegallAn Audioboo by Documentally
My first go with Vine. My storytelling walk which has been really great fun #ou_msw Matheron
As we walked we snapped. For some this was the first time for sharing images with twitter.
All good stories need a dragon. A cake one is a good place to start #ou_mswMichelle Matheron
And any self respecting fairy tale dragon needs a castle to live in #ou_msw Matheron
I answered questions and gave tips as we walked.
Gate crashed #ou_msw @Documentally leading a guided tour into storytelling around and about Cardiff N Gardener
And all the while we soaked up the warmth of the great weather.
This is Wales on a sunny day. #ou_mswChristian (@Documentally)
Some folks were certainly inspired.
A digital storyteller at work #ou_msw Horrocks
Uh oh it’s lunchtime, our dragon will be getting hungry. Look out! #ou_msw Matheron
#ou_msw walking around cardiff castle and tripping over things at the moment in Wales
I think we’re safe. These should keep a Welsh dragon happy until dinner time #theend #ou_mswMichelle Matheron
Issue with super useful apps for storytelling – even when you’re just playing – they EAT battery! My story is about to end! 🙁 #ou_mswOlaug N Gardener
Watch out #ou_msw storytellers the dragon is ready for some lunch!Michelle Matheron
People shared Photos, text, check-ins, audio and video clips.
Learning to tell stories with the OUA215 OU’s course on creative writing sounds a great place to start writing #ou_msw
But soon enough after a walk to the castle, down by the river and back to the office, it was time to part company.
@janematthews great meeting you at #ou_msw today. Wish I’d been there from the start! Do flick me an email & I’m send u that case study :)Olaug N Gardener
Fab talk by @Documentally in Cardiff this morning #ou_msw – thanks to @Joel_Hughes for heads upPhilippa Davies
@Documentally was really enjoyable and useful – cheers! #ou_mswSimon Horrocks
Thanks to @Katherine_Ann & @NTWtweets for hosting us today. Much appreciated. #ou_mswDocumentally
Reflecting on today’s Multimedia Storymaking Walk in Cardiff. A really enjoyably day. #ou_msw


Storymaking in Manchester

Some moments from the 5th Storymaking walk in Manchester.

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For this the 5th Storymaking walk we set up at the legendary Cornerhouse.
CornerhouseCornerhouse is Manchester’s international centre for contemporary visual arts and independent film.
 Once again tickets went in no time at all. 
One place left of the Manchester Storymaking Walk tomorrow..… #ou_mswStorymaking Walk
Excited for todays multimedia storymaking walk 🙂 #ou_mswAlison Kennedy
It’s storymaking time! Hope everyone has fun on today’s #ou_msw with @Documentally. Go on…take us on a journey.Cornerhouse
My Storymaking workshop is in full swing. #ou_msw (at @CornerhouseMcr w/ 4 others)
#OU_MSW Building, & engaging an audience with digital stories by @Documentally Christian Payne @CornerHouse Caddick
First off as usual I gave a talk about creating content with mobile devices and storymaking in general.
Enjoying talk with @Documentally #ou_mswpodgy
And i shared some moments from my recent time in Syria.
Brigade LeaderDocumentally
Doing a bit of social media storytelling today with @Documentally #ou_mswMarisa Draper
After my talk we let people wander wherever they wanted. some went for a work and other visited the exhibition upstairs.
Anguish and enthusiasm #ou_msw
Storymaking in the gallery. #ou_msw
Walking the galleries with #ou_msw at cornerhouse @podgy @Documentally Adam
The best bit of the #ou_msw. – exploring this Cornerhouse
The art got explained.
Anguished at the CornerhouseTrying to get our heads around the first displays #ou_msw
More context here..
Anguish and Enthusiasm Intro Videomcrcornerhouse
Some headed out to document local building work. Important soon to be officially announced.
At first street #ou_msw Swain
At first street #ou_msw Kennedy
Urban Manchester ‘Story Making’ Workshop #OU_MSW @janematthews @Documentally @Leica Caddick
Jane grabbed a few words with a Big Issue seller.
Colin the big issue sellerAn Audioboo by janematthews
‘Story Making’ Workshop @ConerhouseMcr @OU_MSW @Documentally Caddick
More local information.
History in the bricksou_msw looking at manchester’s old industrial architecture #ou_msw
@CornerhouseMcr #OU_MSW @janematthews @Documentally @Leica – Great signage outside ! – Got to be story there Caddick
Loved @CornerhouseMCR amazing how much life an arts centre breathes into a place #ou_mswjanematthews
Participant Trine does a piece to camera.
The Manchester canalparkie56
And one highlight for me was catching up with an online friend I have conversed with for years but had never met in the flesh.. @Podgy
The reluctant Ninja aka @PodgyAn Audioboo by Documentally

Bletchley Park

Storymaking at Bletchley Park

For the 4th Multimedia Storymaking Walk we were lucky enough to have Bletchley Park as our host.

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Bletchley ParkDocumentally
For some background on Bletchley Park check out their website or follow them @BletchleyPark
On my way to #bpark for #ou_msw – hope it’s not snowed off!Susan Kennedy
Once again the weather threatened to cause chaos.
mmm, how many layers can I manage to get on and still move my arms?? Off to #bpark shortly for the #ou_msw!Paul Massey
But everyone still packed and made their way to Bletchley.
My kit collection for #ou_msw … or should dit just be the iphone? McAndrew
Some folk came a long way and I was so glad to see an old friend arrive.
What a lovely warm welcome from @documentally as I turn up a few mins late for his FREE multimedia storytelling workshop #ou_msw at #bparkDigital Maverick
Storymaking Workshop at Bletchley Park #ou_mswDocumentally
We have 15 participants and 15 fantastic stories covering everything from secret bloggers to Indiana jones #ou_mswjanematthews
With a full house and coffees in hand, we all introduced ourselves and shared stories.
With @documentally about to start telling & capturing the story #ou_msw at #bpark Cotton
Then I got straight into it for the next hour and a bit.
#ou_msw #bpark @documentally FAB workshop with Christian Payne, Jane Matthews & Paul Evans @ Bletchley Park, THANKS Dunn
Really great, motivational workshop starter from @Documentally before we start working on our stories #ou_msw #bparkDigital Maverick
After I had delivered a short talk Paul Evans had a couple of treats in store.
Guess what’s in this box #ou_msw #bpark Maverick
This is what is in that box #ou_msw #bpark Maverick
Storymaking at #bpark #ou_mswDocumentally
Bletchley ParkDocumentally
An Enigma close up on the #ou_msw at #bpark Jeffs
Bletchley ParkDocumentally
Brilliant. Great to get in close to enigma machine. #bpark #ou_mswSusan Kennedy
Wow. Being spoilt on the #ou_msw talk at the amazing #bpark – a real Enigma to get up close to! Jeffs
Getting up close and personal with the Enigma machine was very much appreciated by all.
Bletchley ParkDocumentally
On the #ou_msw at #bpark. An amazing machine with over 158,000,000,000 ways of being set up… Jeffs
So was the sneak peek into the actual Station X.
Woah – guess where I am? In what was one of the most secretive places in the world during WWII. #ou_msw #bpark Maverick
I’m in what was Station X – been lucky to see during #ou_msw it as it is not part of the usual #bpark tourDigital Maverick
Here is the lovely view that the Station X operator had #ou_msw #bpark Maverick
Treats continue at #bpark for #ou_msw This is station X – not open to the public! Jeffs
Some folk headed for home but a few of us really wanted to explore more.
Bletchley ParkDocumentally
This *FREE* multimedia storymaking workshop run by @Documentally at #bpark has been *fantastic* #ou_mswDigital Maverick
Bletchley ParkDocumentally
Photo on 2013-03-22 at 14:45.jpgAdaPeck
Bletchley ParkDocumentally
We even got a visit in to The National Museum of Computing to see Colossus in operation.
Colossus #tnmoc #ou_mswVine
The sound of ColossusAn Audioboo by Suken100
Pigeons of Bletchley ParkAn Audioboo by Suken100
Parachuting pigeons twittering down to @Documentally on the #ou_msw at #bpark Jeffs
£5 reward for shooting homing pigeons #ou_msw #tnmoc Weber
The Bombe at Bletchley ParkDocumentally
And then It was time for us all to go our separate ways.
A great day on #ou_msw with @Documentally at #bpark. Great to see so many new converts to @audioboo Cotton
Bletchley ParkDocumentally
Mark and Drew at Bletchley ParkDocumentally
Turing’s office at Bletchley ParkDocumentally
Just been into Station X at #bpark – privileged to see something the public don’t normally get to see!#ou_mswNadir Farrell
Big thanks to @MrPJEvans for sharing his knowledge of #bpark with the #ou_msw storymaking group today & of course to the @OpenUniversity.Documentally
Am *REALLY* grateful to @MrPJEvans for giving his time today to tell us so many interesting facts about #bpark during #ou_msw #topmanDigital Maverick
The photos still kept popping up in the feeds later in the evening.
Back home after an exciting day at #bpark #ou_msw – what an enigma! Annamraju
Bletchley Park is an incredible place i never tire of visiting..

Another pic from seeing the *REAL* Enigma machine at #bpark during #ou_msw Maverick
My #storify of the day – Bletchley Park secrets on show – #ou_msw #bparkPatrick McAndrew
There will be more Workshops/Walks around the UK. Keep an eye on to see where.
I’ll leave you with some images from Mark Cotton.
Content from Documentally’s 4th Multimedia Storymaking Walk.On the 22/03/2013 Documentally, in conjunction with The Open University, presented his 4th Multimedia Storymaking Walk at Bletchley Park….

Milton Keynes Museum



The 18th of January was set for the first Multimedia Storymaking Workshop. In Cambridge. Right in the middle of an extreme cold spell.